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Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number (mtDNA-CN) Can Influence Mortality and Cardiovascular Disease via Methylation of Nuclear DNA CpGs 19th Jun 2019
crispr Bookmark
Photodamage repair pathways contribute to the accurate maintenance of the DNA methylome landscape upon UV exposure 19th Jun 2019
Comparative molecular life history of spontaneous canine and human gliomas 18th Jun 2019
Oct4 mediated inhibition of Lsd1 activity promotes the active and primed state of pluripotency enhancers 16th Jun 2019
Two distinct functional axes of positive feedback-enforced PRC2 recruitment in mouse embryonic stem cells 15th Jun 2019
stem_cells Bookmark
Distinct Contribution of DNA Methylation and Histone Acetylation to the Genomic Occupancy of Transcription Factors 15th Jun 2019
Oncoprotein CoAA repeats interact with RNA polymerase II CTD repeats 14th Jun 2019
Reprogramming of 24nt siRNAs in rice gametes 14th Jun 2019
Multifaceted genome-wide study identifies novel regulatory loci for body mass index in Indians 14th Jun 2019
eqtl Bookmark
N1-methyladenine safeguards against aberrant RNA-protein association during proteostasis stress 13th Jun 2019
Adding MASP1 to the lectin pathway - leprosy association puzzle: hints from gene polymorphisms and protein levels. 13th Jun 2019
Placental DNA methylation signatures of maternal smoking during pregnancy and potential impacts on fetal growth 12th Jun 2019
Transcription factor LSF facilitiates lysine methylation of α-tubulin by microtubule-associated SET8 11th Jun 2019
Constructing a high-density linkage map to infer the genomic landscape of recombination rate variation in European Aspen (Populus tremula) 11th Jun 2019
natural_selection recombination Bookmark
Role of enhanced glucocorticoid receptor sensitivity in inflammation in PTSD: Insights from a computational model for circadian-neuroendocrine-immune interactions 11th Jun 2019
Birth weight predicts psychiatric and physical health, cognitive function, and DNA methylation differences in an adult population 10th Jun 2019
A versatile method for circulating cell-free DNA methylome profiling by reduced representation bisulfite sequencing 8th Jun 2019
cell_free_dna Bookmark
Essential roles of Hdac1 and 2 in lineage development and genome-wide DNA methylation during mouse preimplantation development 7th Jun 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Smoking and blood DNA methylation: novel associations, replication of previous findings and assessment of reversibility 6th Jun 2019
Methylation at nucleotide C62 in spliceosomal RNA U6 alters mRNA splicing which is important for embryonic development 6th Jun 2019
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