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Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals a dynamic stromal niche within the evolving tumour microenvironment Nov 2018
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SAKE (Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis and Klustering Evaluation) Identifies Markers of Resistance to Targeted BRAF Inhibitors in Melanoma Cell Populations Y. Ho...
M. G. Hammell
Dec 2017
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Single cell transcriptomics of regulatory T cells reveals trajectories of tissue adaptation R. J. Miragaia...
S. A. Teichmann
Nov 2017
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SCENIC: Single-Cell Regulatory Network Inference And Clustering S. Aibar...
S. Aerts
May 2017
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A Comparison Between Single Cell RNA Sequencing And Single Molecule RNA FISH For Rare Cell Analysis E. A. Torre...
A. Raj
May 2017
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Extracting Intercellular Signaling Network Of Cancer Tissues Using Ligand-Receptor Expression Patterns From Whole-Tumor And Single-Cell Transcriptomes J. X. Zhou...
S. Huang
Apr 2017
Simultaneous Enumeration Of Cancer And Immune Cell Types From Bulk Tumor Gene Expression Data J. Racle...
D. Gfeller
Mar 2017
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