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The Influence of PTH 1-34 on the Osteogenic Characteristics of Adipose and Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells from Juvenile and Ovarectomized Rats L. O. Clouard...
G. Blunn
17th May 2018
The Effects of Vancomycin on the Viability and Osteogenic Potential of Bone-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells E. Booysen...
L. M. Dicks
8th May 2018
Decoupling the impact of microRNAs on translational repression versus RNA degradation in embryonic stem cells R. Blelloch, J. W. Freimer, T. Hu 7th May 2018
A mechanism-based computational model to capture the interconnections among epithelial-mesenchymal transition, cancer stem cells and Notch-Jagged signaling F. Bocci...
J. N. Onuchic
3rd May 2018
Implantation-Competent Blastocyst-Like Structures from Mouse Pluripotent Stem Cells C. Kime...
K. Tomoda
30th Apr 2018
Ablation of proliferating neural stem cells during early life is sufficient to reduce adult hippocampal neurogenesis M. Youssef...
A. Dranovsky
25th Apr 2018
Telomere length set point regulation in human pluripotent stem cells critically depends on the shelterin protein TPP1 J. M. Boyle...
D. Hockemeyer
10th Apr 2018
Targeted Reactivation of FMR1 Transcription in Fragile X Syndrome Embryonic Stem Cells J. Haenfler...
P. K. Todd
7th Apr 2018
Co-expression of MDM2 and CDK4 in transformed human mesenchymal stem cells induces dedifferentiated liposarcoma potency Y. J. Kim...
Y. Choi
1st Apr 2018
Two Active X-chromosomes Modulate the Growth, Pluripotency Exit and DNA Methylation Landscape of Mouse Naive Pluripotent Stem Cells through Different Pathways J. Song...
V. Pasque
29th Mar 2018
Inducible alpha-synuclein overexpression affects human Neural Stem Cells behavior J. Zasso...
L. Conti
28th Mar 2018
Onset of differentiation is posttranscriptionally controlled in adult neural stem cells A. Baser...
A. Martin-Villalba
27th Mar 2018
Development of a Cx46 targeting strategy for cancer stem cells E. E. Mulkearns-Hubert...
J. D. Lathia
26th Mar 2018
Transcriptional and electrophysiological aberrations in an induced pluripotent stem cell-derived model of spinocerebellar ataxia type 7 L. M. Watson...
L. J. Greenberg
25th Mar 2018
Urothelial organoids originate from Cd49f-High stem cells and display Notch-dependent differentiation capacity F. X. Real...
A. Munoz
23rd Mar 2018
Profiling of pluripotency factors in individual stem cells and early embryos S. J. Hainer...
T. G. Fazzio
21st Mar 2018
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Technology and Cardiomyocyte Generation: Progress, Uncertainties and Challenges in the Biological Features and Clinical Applications 15th Mar 2018
Efficient differentiation of vascular endothelial cells from dermal-derived mesenchymal stem cells induced by endothelial cell lines conditioned medium L. Zhou...
K. Zhang
24th Feb 2018
Tectal stem cells display diverse regenerative capacities B. W. Lindsey...
J. Kaslin
19th Feb 2018
Heat shock induces the depletion of Oct4 in mouse blastocysts and stem cells M. Cheng...
Y. Zhang
12th Feb 2018